Dr Antoine Buchard University of Bath

Antoine is Reader in Chemistry and a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath (UK), researching novel chemical transformations and use in catalysis of renewable resources (e.g., carbohydrates, terpenes, amino acids, carbon dioxide), in particular for the synthesis of sustainable polymers.


He has worked at the University of Bath since 2013 (2013-2017: Whorrod Research Fellow; 2017-19: Lecturer; 2019: Reader).​

Originally from France, Antoine obtained his PhD from the Ecole Polytechnique in 2009, investigating iminophosphorane metal complexes for homogeneous catalysis, under the supervision of Professor Pascal Le Floch. He then moved to the UK and worked at Imperial College London as a postdoctoral research assistant in the group of Professor Charlotte K. Williams, in the area of CO2/epoxide copolymers and poly(lactic acid). Antoine returned to France in 2011 and gained industrial R&D experience, working for Air Liquide on Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation (CCSU) projects.

In April 2013 Antoine began his independent research career at the CSCT as a Whorrod Research Fellow. His main research interest deals with the development of novel renewable polymers and their applications as sustainable materials. His work is based on a joint experimental/theoretical approach, in which computational chemistry is used as a tool to guide research targets, elucidate reaction mechanisms and help devise better catalysts and synthetic methodologies. He is also a member of the Editorial board of Green Materials.

In October 2017 Antoine was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship.