Welcome to the Buchard Group website. We are interested in the use of renewable resources in catalysis, in particular for the synthesis of sustainable polymers. Our group is located in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bath.

 2020 in brief

  • 27/06: Marco wins a poster prize at the (virtual) Macro Group UK's Young Researchers Meeting, well done Marco!

  • 27/06: Our lab reopens!

  • 20/03: Our lab is shut. Stay well and keep safe!

  • 13/03: Congratulations Marco for his new publication in Polymer Chemistry (open access), on the synthesis of new polymers from sugars and unsaturated fatty acids using metathesis polymerisation.

  • 12/02: Antoine gives an invited lecture at the annual general assembly of the RSC Bristol and District section.

  • 10/01: Antoine gives a talk at the 12th Chemistry New Year Symposium in RWTH Aachen University.

Previously in 2019

  • 22/10: Congratulations to Ioli for her first first author publication in Polymer Chemistry (open access) on reusable heterogeneous catalysts for polymerisation. 

  • 21/08: Congratulations  to Thom and Cécile for their new article in JACS, about a new cyclic carbonate/olefin monomer and and catalytic strategies to control the resulting material properties.

Polymers from sugar and CO2

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